Kristi | Commander of the Mothership

Kristi is about all things that make others happy, a helper, who loves a good beat dancing queen, and cheerleader. But the most important of all is she is a proud momma of 3 (Angel Keyan, Paxson, & Kayne) and wife who has a crush on Captain of Misc. Things since high school. Shhhh... not sure he is aware ;). Oh did we mention she is always up for a good laugh and you will catch her reenacting anything and all things Will Ferrell.

"If you ain't FIRST, you're LAST" 
- Ricky Bobby


Scott | Captain of Misc. Things

Scott is quiet compared to his other half but enjoys humorous banter and answering all his wife’s annoying questions during movies. On the weekends if he is not working you will find him at home with his family watching sports or outside do manly things like, throwing the football with his son, taking care of his lawn or being the lead pooper-picker-upper of his family’s 2 dogs (Princess, & Boston). 


Mark | Warehouse Ninja

Mark is a fun-loving music enthusiast whose quick wit and talented vocal cords always makes him the life of the party and warehouse. He and his wife are proud doggie parents of 3 (Molly, Fajing, Crixus). In his down-time he is a meat-smoker extraordinaire or at a gig with his band.  


Krysten | Mothership Gatekeeper

Krysten is our resident animal lover, she is a vegetarian with four fur-babies, two Border Collies (Emmet & Ellie) and two Cats (Veto & Luchi). She loves to travel and will take any opportunity to go to the beach.  She is a film fanatic, loves a good game night, and is a concert lover who will never pass up a chance to sing and dance the night away.


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